One Sick Little Monkey

Jo Jo has pneumonia.

Everyone in our household has been sick with a cold for about a week, but a couple days ago I noticed Jo Jo's was settling into her chest. Yesterday, she ran a fever and had no appetite. I'm pretty laid back about these things, but when she woke up from her nap cranky and crying my Mommy warning bells went off. We booked into the pediatrician's office at 4:30 pm. Somehow, I managed to hold a screaming Jo Jo as the doctor examined her while simultaneously preventing Teddy from climbing onto the examining room table and jumping Kamikaze style off.

I worry more with Jo Jo. Kids with Down Syndrome are more susceptible to certain kinds of health problems, like thyroid issues or ear infections or pneumonia. Thankfully, Jo Jo's been very healthy so far. She's only had one ear infection and quite frankly she's at the pediatrician even less than most of her typical friends. We left the office at 5 pm with an antibiotic prescription and instructions to come back on Friday.

We took it easy today. Jo Jo's appetite has come back but she's still somewhat lethargic and not her usual bubbly self. So being the Jewish mama that I am, I decided to whip up a batch of "Jewish penicillian"--aka chicken soup.

I'm not much in the cooking department, but I found a recipe on line and spent most of the afternoon cutting and dicing carrots, celery and onions. By 5 pm, this was bubbling on our stove:

Ivry was all excited. She kept sniffing around the stove. I swear, that dog has binge eating disorder.

Of course the kids refused to eat it, being the little Jewish prince and princess that they are.  They kept throwing it off their plates and screaming "applesauce" and "ricoroni".

So they ended up eating buttermilk biscuits, applesauce, and a Halloween cupcake. I feel kind of guilty about it, but what can you do?

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother making meals when it's clear all they want to eat are Elmo crackers, applesauce, and mac and cheese.

Sorry, I'm no good at Photoshop, otherwise I'd airbrush out all the snot bubbles.

But Ivry dog was thrilled. At least my cooking pleased one member of the family. Oh, who I am kidding. The dog is so food obsessed she'd eat anything.

That's applesauce on Ivry's fur. She's trying to figure out how she can get to it to lick it off. Provides hours of entertainment.

But, at least they ate. The good news is Jo Jo's doing better. Her fever's down and she's eating and playing again. Another 48 hours and hopefully she'll be as good as new.

And tomorrow is another day. Maybe my kids with actually eat my cooking.