Teddy's Pooh obsession

So I've been woefully remiss about posting photos from the Abilis walk on Sunday. It was a huge success: gorgeous weather, hundreds of walkers, and loads of costumed characters running around. You can check out coverage of the walk here:

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take photos, since I was running all over the place. I am still waiting for photos from my father (where are they, dad???) but in the meantime here are some from my mother-in-law (thanks, Sylvia!) of the kids getting close and personal with the Snappy Alligator and Pooh Bear:

Teddy apparently became quite obsessed with Pooh Bear. To the point where he actually pushed some four year old away so he could snuggle with Pooh.


I wasn't worried about Pooh being a pedophile, by the way (like I was worried about Cookie Monster when we went to Sesame Place). Greenwich High School students volunteered to wear the character costumes. Thank you, GHS Link members and GHS Me to We!

Jo Jo was more indifferent to Pooh...

She warmed up a bit more to Tony the Tiger....

But she was still a bit more reserved than her little brother.

Still, all in all a good day. Definitely worth my getting up at 6 am on a Sunday, if I could see this:

and this....