Halloween 2010: Starring a Belligerent Bear and a Very Petulant Pig

So today is Halloween. We started our costume extravaganza on Thursday, when we participated in a Halloween Parade at a local nursing home for the Moms Club.

Their hats lasted about two minutes on their heads, by the way.

Both kids were big hits among the over 70 crew. Although we had to refuse all candy due to Teddy's peanut allergy.

She totally poses for the camera now.

Then the next day, we got into our costumes again for the annual Moms Club Halloween Party

Teddy munching on a Munchkin.

Jo Jo posing again.

Jo Jo doing some sort of variation on the Downward Dog move with her friend Dorothy.

We finished the day playing outside in the leaves. Teddy is obsessed with his blanket now, which he calls "Night Night," and he insisted on bringing Night Night outside with us and got hysterical when it ended up buried in a leaf pile somewhere. Thankfully we found it.

Tonight was the big night--our neighborhood Halloween Party. Our Pig and Bear again lasted for only about three minutes with their hats on before they completely lost it.

Teddy was screaming so much we let him out of the stroller. He was tottering around like a drunken sailor for a few minutes before I realized his hat was completely covering his eyes.

I caught him before too much damage was done.

The pig hat was much more to his liking...

Meanwhile, Jo Jo had a total meltdown. I'm not sure what was going on, other than she's just being two...

But everyone calmed down and we were able to go trick or treating.

We finished our evening visiting one particularly spooky house, which Jo Jo didn't seem to like at all

Although Teddy had a blast.