The News About Jo Jo

Johanna’s third birthday is on Sunday and in honor of that day I’m reposting the article I wrote about her birth a couple years ago for Baby Talk:

Rereading that piece, I realize I feel the same exact way about Jo Jo as I did shortly after she was born. She’s my daughter, and while she has Down Syndrome, that diagnosis is only a small fraction of who she really is. I don’t subscribe to views that people with Down Syndrome possess a magic chromosome, or are angels, or are special gifts from God. I think that’s patronizing and condescending. Johanna is magical to my husband and I because she is our delightful, mischievous imp, and we love every inch of her from her wispy blonde hair to the gap between her big and second toe.

Happy early birthday, my princess Johanna. I love you very, very much.