Potty Party

We introduced Jo Jo to the potty about six months ago, without much success. But last Sunday she peed four times in the potty, which was a huge breakthrough. Then of course she didn't pee in the potty all week. But she started again this weekend. And guess who wants to use the potty now too?

I like how they are holding hands in solidarity. Teddy hasn't actually successfully used the potty yet but he likes to sit on it and read books.

Grandpa David came with his sister Sarah to visit  and suddenly the potty room was THE place for socializing.

Geoffrey slept through all the excitement. He's still recovering from going out with Mommy and Daddy to a swanky French restaurant in Bedford for Mommy's 38th birthday.

Mommy can't believe she's 38. God, I'm old.

The other big event last week? Jo Jo had her first class field trip, at the Stamford Nature Center. Mommy came along as a chaperon.  Here we are, riding the school bus together in 100 degree heat.

Once we got there, Jo Jo refused to walk, so Mommy had to schlep her around in the heat, which is why she looks so cool and collected in this photo and I am a sweaty mess.

You'll notice there are no animals in the photo. It was so hot they went into hiding. I suspect they may have snuck out to the beach to cool off. Although later we did spot several of them.

Afterwards, we went back to school and Jo Jo showed me her dance with scarves.

It turns out Jo Jo also has an admirer in preschool. His mother told me he comes home every day and tells her Jo Jo is his girlfriend.

I'm not sure how I feel about Jo Jo dating at this young age, but I definitely know she was having fun. The guy to girl ratio in her classroom is definitely in her favor.

Looking forward to dancing our way through another week!