Graduation Day

We had two "graduations" this past week... Jo Jo graduated from her first year of preschool and Teddy graduated from his first year of Just Wee Twos

The preschoolers did a little performance for their parents right before graduation. Jo Jo has apparently been practicing at home and I just didn't realize it. I couldn't figure out what she was doing when I did her hair in the morning, but once I saw her stand up and do those exact same gestures I realized we've been having mini rehearsals in our bathroom for weeks.

Apparently all the boys in preschool love Jo Jo. I assumed it was for her huge hazel eyes and fascinating dance moves, and then I watched as she lifted her dress and flashed her tummy several times during the ceremony, proudly displaying her Princess underpants. I think we will have our hands full when she's in high school.

But she sat very nicely for most of the ceremony.

Teddy's ceremony was more low key. Some snack and some celebratory bubbles before accepting his diploma.

As for the youngest member of our family, he attended his big sister's graduation, although he slept most of the way through it. But he's busy working on some milestones of his own, including mastering tummy time, finding his thumb, and making friends with a musical sea horse.

He looks just like his dada.

We have a week off next week before Jo Jo starts summer school, which we plan to spend visiting grandparents and doing fun activities like going to the Nature Center and the beach.

Have a great weekend, everyone.