Princess Johanna

Jo Jo had her first ballet recital last weekend.

I was a little nervous. Ingrid, our nanny, usually shadows Jo Jo during class, but the instructor offered to help Jo Jo during the performance instead. I wasn't sure how she'd react--would she insist on spinning off on her own with a collection of her very own improvised dance moves?--but she conducted herself beautifully.

Teddy kept saying before the recital that he wanted to go up and dance with Jo Jo, but when he was sitting on my lap during the performance he turned to me and said "I don't want to go up there. It's scary." I'm not sure what he meant, but I'm glad my almost three year old son decided not to rush the stage.

He did insist on dressing up as Superman later that day, though.

 Jo Jo had another big milestone: "graduating" from preschool on Tuesday. Although it's not really graduating, since she'll be in the exact same classroom next year.

She got so excited about doing the song routine that she decided to get started early until one of the aides gently reminded her to sit down.

The boys had a great time too. Teddy was all fired up about the party snacks,and Geoffrey decided it was his job to explore every object in the playroom and throw them around to make sure they made enough appropriate loud noises.

His most exciting find? A random pair of girl sunglasses.

So Jo Jo has now officially "graduated" and the school year is done--although she does have a month of summer school in July. All this excitement was a little too much for her, though--she came down with a stomach bug Tuesday night and still isn't herself.  She missed Teddy's "awards" ceremony for soccer today, but hopefully she'll be up for attending his "graduation" from Just Wee Twos tomorrow.

I can't believe Teddy is "graduating" from his twos program and starting preschool in the fall. And I can't really believe twos programs have "graduation" ceremonies, anyway. But I'll be back over the weekend with pictures. In the meantime, we're just laying low in the house trying to stay cool.

Lots of good times.