Geoffrey's Bad News Book


It turns out there's another writer in the family.

Teddy penned a tell-all memoir this past week about his little brother's misbehavior. Whether it's shoving his big brother or sampling a piece of Ivry's dog food (yes, that really happened) Geoffrey is living up to his reputation as a Dennis the Menace like character.

He didn't want me to see the masterpiece until it was finished. It was worth the wait. One of the funniest things I've seen in a long time (and yes, I know I'm biased).

And it's good to know that if Teddy decides not to pursue his dreams of being an astrophysicist (a lofty goal for anyone, let alone a first grader) he can always turn to more lofty, literary endeavors.

See link below. (For those having trouble deciphering, that's a glossery and an "About the Author" page at the end.)

Enjoy! Happy holidays!

Geoffrey's Bad News Book